Rob Harr


I am a second generation developer and software consultant who started learning to program at 12 years old. As Co-founder and Vice President of Sparkbox, I learned to run a web business. The most important and enjoyable part of my job is the human side of things- whether it’s helping a client solve a problem or talking through solutions with the great team at Sparkbox. Co-host of the Overly Human podcast.

When I’m not at Sparkbox or helping others be awesome, I hang around Dayton, Ohio with my wife, two kids, and a crazy Aussie dog. I love to golf and cook meat over open flames.

Operations Coaching

Running a business is hard. Mistakes will be made. I’ve made a more than a few myself. If you are interested in talking about studio operations, contact me. I’ll be in touch with more information on how we might work together.